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Fort Dodge Asphalt Co.
Fort Dodge Asphalt Co.
  • Our Projects

    Commercial Parking Lot

    Prestage Farms of Iowa - Owner

    Epstein - Engineer/Architect

    Employee Parking

    Commercial Parking Lot

    Daybreak Foods Inc.- Owner

    Employee & Visitor Parking

    Truck Wash

    Veterans Memorial Parking Lot

    Veterans Memorial Park

    Fort Dodge, IA

    County Rd D60

    Webster County -Owner/Engineer

    Cold-In Place Recycle

    HMA Overlay & Granular Shoulders

    Residential Driveway

    Central Iowa Residential Driveway

    Grade & Pave

    4" Hot Mix Asphalt

    Kennedy Park

    Kennedy Park - Fort Dodge, IA

    2" HMA Overlay

    Park road system, parking lots, two campsites, and around the boat docks